What is a go ambassador?

A GO Ambassador (GA) is a regular volunteer* with a travel budget. They are passionate about sharing their mission experience for the purpose of recruiting others to serve as volunteer missionaries, and may also bring an assistant. The goal is for each Union to have one GA.

*As defined by NAD Working Policy WP R 16 10

Lake Union Conference - Neil Santos

Neil Santos served as a Student Missionary Bible teacher in Pohnpei, Micronesia in 2014-15. Currently he is a Masters of Divinity student at Andrews University. He's the type of guy who loves playing music on guitar, piano and violin. He also loves listening to audiobooks and learning about random subjects. He says the best thing about being a GO Ambassador is the ability to share his experience as a missionary with so many people. If you run into him, he would love to share how God has impacted his life through his missionary experience!

If your church or school is in the Lake Union, and would like to invite Neil to share his story, click here to send him an email.