Requesting volunteers

Would you like to request a long-term volunteer to serve at your organization? The following six steps will guide your organization (within North American Division) through the process of creating a service request with Adventist Volunteer Service. For questions, please contact Gladys S. Guerrero.

For more information on requesting and using Task Force volunteers, download our Long-Term Missions Manual.

  • Request AVS Volunteer

  • screen volunteers

    Once your Service Request has been approved and posted on the AVS website, volunteer applicants will be screened and approved by our office before their applications are sent to you via the AVS database.

  • accept volunteers

    Once you have received a volunteer's application, you can review it and contact the volunteer for an interview if you wish. When your organization has made a decision, you may accept or deny the applicant using the AVS database.

  • purchase insurance

    Insurance should be purchased before your volunteer arrives. Please email confirmation of insurance coverage to Gladys S. Guerrero as soon as you have purchased it.

    Volunteers from NAD (U.S. Organizations)

    U.S.-based organization accepting a volunteer from the U.S. should purchase Task Force insurance from Adventist Risk Management.

    Volunteers from Other Divisions (U.S. Organizations)

    U.S.-based organizations accepting a volunteer from outside the U.S. should purchase Short-Term Travel (Plan B) from Adventist Risk Management.

    Volunteers at Non-U.S. NAD Organizations

    If your organization is outside of the United States, your volunteers will be covered with an Out-of-Country insurance package for AVS volunteers. This will be arranged by our office and your organization will be billed.

    For more information about these insurance plans, please contact:

    ARM Customer Care Service


  • Communicate

    Volunteers from U.S.

    The last step is to send proof of insurance to Gladys S. Guerrero

    Volunteers from Other Countries

    There are a few more steps to take if you are inviting volunteers from other countries. After you have accepted your volunteer(s), you are responsible for the following:

    • Providing B1 visa instructions to the volunteer. (Our office can give guidance if needed).
    • Communicating with volunteer regarding visa progress and approval.
    • Requesting and receiving travel itinerary from volunteer.
    • Purchasing Short-Term Travel (Plan B) for volunteer.
    • Emailing volunteer's travel itinerary and proof of insurance to Gladys S. Guerrero.