student missions directors

We are so thankful for an incredible team of passionate Student Missions Directors and student leaders on NAD Adventist university campuses who help recruit, process, and support hundreds of Student Missionary volunteers each year. This section is a collection of resources specifically for our Student Missions Directors and their teams.

  • AVS Coordinator login

    When you log in as a coordinator on the Adventist Volunteer Service website, you have access to help your Student Missionaries (SMs) and approve or inactivate their applications. To request Coordinator access, contact our office.

  • the basics

    You may find the following resources helpful to download, or you may request physical copies from our office.

    Here are the basic steps you will need to know to help guide your long-term SMs through the process:
    1. SM chooses a call (this can be ongoing in the process)
    2. SM completes online application on AVS website
    3. SM completes background check
    4. SM completes forms
    5. Screening interview with SM
    6. SM completes online Passport to Mission or on-campus mission training course
    7. Coordinator approves SM
    8. NAD/GC approval process - watch your email
    9. Fundraising, visa, ticket, insurance
    10. Support SM in preparations as needed
    11. Support SM in-service as needed
    12. Support returned SMs

    For more detailed information, you may download this PowerPoint presentation:
  • Forms & Checklists

    AVS Application Processing Checklist

    This checklist can be helpful to make sure each SM has completed the application process. you may have other steps to add for your program, but this covers the AVS requirements. It also includes tips and explanations about each form (second page).

    AVS Application Forms

    These are the basic forms needed to apply.

    • Resume (template)
    • Beneficiary Information
    • Release of Liability
    • Release of Liability (Self-Funded)*
    • Confidential Reference**
    • Health Clearance
    *Only needed in rare cases when mission site does not cover cost of insurance.
    **This can be completed electronically from the online application.

    Married Couples
    Married couples who are both serving as SMs will both go through the regular application process separately, but will list each other as "spouse" on the online application and forms when indicated.

    If one spouse applies to serve as an SM and the other will accompany but not serve officially, the accompanying spouse will be considered a "dependent spouse" and will need to complete the Spouse Forms which will be attached to the SM's online application.
  • Background checks & child protection training

    All long-term Student Missionaries are required to complete the background check and child protection training through Adventist Screening Verification. Please see information on Apply SM page to help guide your SMs through that process.

  • insurance

    Your SMs will be covered by either Out-of-Country insurance package or Task Force insurance by Adventist Risk Management. Usually the calling organization (mission site) is responsible for the cost, but some ask the SM to be responsible. In this case, the insurance bill will be sent to your university. For these "Self-Funded" calls, we will try to ask you to confirm that your program is willing to accept the bill for the SM.

    More more information on what to do if your SM needs medical help or has a travel emergency, including lost or stolen personal items, please see the Medical Emergencies page or contact Gladys Guerrero-Cavalheiro or Ernest Hernandez.