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Whether you're looking for a little guidance as to find a short-term project to join, or you're leading a trip, our office is here to support you in short-term missions.

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What is a Short-Term Mission Trip?

A short-term mission trip is a volunteer assignment that is less than two months. These mission assignments include a host of ministries by Adventist workers, laypersons, and retirees from Adventist organizations originating in North America. Short-term assignments include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Humanitarian Relief
  • Evangelistic Efforts
  • Construction Projects, etc.

Who are Short-Term Volunteers?
Short-term volunteers include individuals and groups between the ages of 18 to 79  years old who serve in a volunteer project approved by a church institution. 

Volunteers under the age of 18 may be processed as part of a group, but require permission from their legal guardians.

Where can I find Short-Term mission opportunities?

  1. For individuals and group opportunities: check Short-Term positions posted on our Mission Trip Connector..
  2. For more opportunities: check with your local Adventist school, church, or conference to see if there are planned trips you can join!

How do I get processed for my trip?

MTC Short-Term Application Process (Individual)

  • Search for the available open mission trips, send a message to or call the coordinator through our MTC and request to join the group!  If approved, the coordinator will request the needed documentation.

Group Trips Application Process

  • Choose this option if you are leading a group mission trip. 
  • Completing the account creation and application process helps protect volunteers and organizations against liability, and also supports the cooperative effort of the Adventist world church in its mission to advance the Gospel with optimal quality of service, care, and safety.

More Questions?
For questions about short-term missions, please contact the Short-Term Coordinator.