How to Apply as Volunteer

Adventist members in the North American Division territory are welcome to apply through our office. We will guide through the Volunteer application and approval process as it is outlined below.

Questions and forms should be sent to our Processing Coordinators.

If you are a student at an Adventist university, please review How to Apply as Student Missionary.

Adventist members from outside of North American Division should contact their Division Volunteer Coordinator to apply.

Application Process

Step by step overview on how to apply to be a volunteer missionary

Student Doctor


The main qualifications to serve as a long-term volunteer include:

  • Being between the ages of 18 and 79.
  • Being a baptized member in good standing of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
  • Being financially able to serve without compensation other than a small living allowance.



As you take this journey, it's important to spend time in prayer, and even to ask others to pray with and for you. Ask Jesus to prepare your heart for service, and to guide you through the questions you may have about funding, where to serve, and when and how long to serve.



  • Create an account.
  • Browse Service Opportunities and apply to a position of your choice.
  • In your volunteer application form, list "Office of Volunteer Ministries" as your Sending Organization.
Create Account Service Opportunities



The following documents and forms need to be completed and sent to hesaidgo@nadadventist.org. You may also attach them to your Volunteer application, but please notify us if when you do.

Optionally, when sharing media content with us:



We ask all of our applicants to complete a criminal background check and child-protection training through Adventist Screening Verification. The steps are outlined below:

  • Sign up for Adventist Screening Verification.
  • Select your home Union and Conference.
  • Create a username and password, then enter information. Use full legal name.
  • When prompted to "select the primary location where you work or volunteer", select your home church.
  • When prompted to "select your role", choose "Long-Term Volunteer."
  • You will be redirected to the training website. Once you have completed the training, you will be prompted to complete the background check.

For help with registration, passwords, usernames, background checks and website questions review Online Help/FAQs, submit a Helpdesk Email Form, or call 1-855-326-1860.

Adventist Screening Verification


If you are from Oregon Conference, please follow the Oregon Conference background check process. Once complete, please ask them to email us confirmation of your eligibility.


At this time, we are not able to use Adventist Screening Verification for Canadians. We ask those from Canada to provide our office with a scanned copy of the Enhanced CPIC.



A missions orientation training based on the book Passport to Missions is required for all our volunteers serving outside of the United States or Canada. Check with your Student Missions Director to find out if this training is offered on your campus. If not, you may enroll in the free online Learn Mission: Passport to Mission course.

These free online courses are designed to help you prepare for your mission service. You will find information on how to enroll on the homepage of your online application. Most can finish the course in a few weeks, but you may go at your own pace until the end of the cohort.

LEARN MISSION - Online Training (English) LEARN MISSION - Online Training (Spanish)



Once all of the steps above are complete, we will do a final review of your application and follow up with you if we have any questions or missing information. Once everything is ready, we vote to approve you as an NAD volunteer at our weekly Appointees Committee. You will receive an email notification that you have been approved. In the unusual case that your application is denied, you will be contacted by our office.



Next, your application is sent to your first-choice call. Mission organizations are encouraged to contact you and make a decision within 2 weeks, but they may take longer. If they accept your application, it will move on to final approval. If they deny, we will check with you before sending your application on to your next choice.



This is the final step in the approval process, when the General Conference Mission Personnel Processing Committee votes your assignment. This usually happens within a week of your acceptance by the mission organization. You will be notified after the vote.



If you are serving internationally, you are responsible for your travel arrangements. This includes:

We recommend that you work with your mission organization for visa instructions and flight dates. Once purchased, please send your flight itinerary to the Volunteer Coordinator so your insurance coverage can be set for the correct dates.
Insurance for International Volunteers
Volunteers serving outside of the U.S. are covered by a special accident and illness travel insurance package for volunteers. Our office will arrange this for you.
Insurance for Domestic Volunteers
Volunteers serving within the U.S. are covered by Adventist Risk Management's Task Force insurance. Our office will ensure that the organization at which you are serving purchases this for you.

For more information about insurance, see the Medical Emergencies Coverage.



Application Process (for NAD Adventist University Volunteers, aka Student Missionaries)

Visual Chart of OVM Application Process (download)

Financial Responsibilities

It is best to read through the call you are interested in to find out what expenses the volunteer is expected to cover. For example, most calling organizations cover the cost of their volunteer's insurance and a small living allowance, but ask them to pay for travel to the location. The expenses vary depending on the organization, so it is important to check the call.

Serving Again

If you have applied or served as volunteer in the last two years and there have been no changes to your health, you will only need to submit the following to reapply:

  • Online application
  • 1 new reference
  • Updated resume (optional, but helpful)

Inactive Applications

Unsubmitted online applications may be deactivated three months after they are started. Submitted applications may also be deactivated if you stop or postpone the process, but we will check with you before we do this. To reactivate your application, contact a Volunteer Coordinator.

Couples and Families

Though there are not as many, there are some calls that can accommodate married couples and even children. This information is listed on the call. Let us know if you would like help finding options. Please note that the following guidelines for couples and families:

  • Married couples should be married for at least one year before serving. If a couple would like to request an exception, more screening steps will be applied.
  • If a married volunteer is serving without their spouse, they are limited to three months of service, per Church policy.
  • Minor dependent children of volunteers should accompany their parents to their service location. Families should not be separated due to volunteer service.
  • If a volunteer's spouse accompanies them as a "dependent spouse" (he or she is not a voted volunteer), the following forms need to be completed by the spouse and included with the volunteer's forms: