COVID-19 UPDATE (12/12/2021)

The North American Division has established safety guidelines during the coronavirus pandemic. International short-term mission group trips will be processed based on certain defined criteria.

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Groups from Seventh-day Adventist church and educational institutions who are planning a short-term trip are asked to register with NAD Office of Volunteer Ministries before their trip.

For questions, contact the Short-Term Volunteer Coordinator.



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The Mission Trip Connector is an online tool that helps short-term mission trip organizers with planning, collaborating, and recruiting.

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Mission Trip Connector

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Group trip organizers are also responsible for the following:
  • Secure appropriate and necessary liability insurance for trip
  • Acknowledge recommended insurance of Office of Volunteer Ministries
    Adventist Risk Management's Short-Term Travel Plan A for international trips, and Plan B for trips within the United States is recommended. Review & Purchase Insurance
  • Collect Consent to Participate forms for all participants, as well as parental permission as needed
  • Ensure all adult participants have completed Adventist Screening Verification if minors are on the trip
    Adventist Screening Verification
  • Verify that all participants are in good health
  • Ensure that all participants have received required immunizations
    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  • Check State Department Travel Advisories for all countries and specific locations the group is traveling
    U.S. Department. of State Travel Alerts
  • Keep accurate records of all names of participants.
  • Ensure that trip organizer has received sufficient training, acceptable to the sponsoring institution, in order to lead a mission trip