Long-term volunteer missionaries voted through Mission Trip Connector, serving outside the United States, are covered by Out-of-Country insurance through Adventist Risk Management. Our office arranges this for you.

Volunteers serving inside the United States from other countries are covered by Short-Term Travel (Class II/Plan B). Our office ensures that this has been purchased for you.

International SOS is the vendor that services both of these insurance packages under the same Membership Number.

For emergencies or medical needs

  1. You will need this Membership Number: 11BCAM749125
  2. Download and/or open International SOS Assistance app (iOS & Android) and call (make sure to set your location in the app)
  3. OR call the Philadelphia Assistance Center:
    +1 800 523 6586
    +1 215 942 8226
  4. OR call one of the phone numbers on the Membership Card
    These are 24-hour regional assistance office numbers to help with long-distance calling


  • Download the app before your trip. The app provides quick access to ISOS, as well as helpful travel information and security updates for your location.
  • If possible, call International SOS before seeking medical help. They are able to assist you with the entire process.
  • For safety insurance-related questions, please see Adventist Risk Management's Safety Resources.
For claim forms and more information, please click on your plan below:
Download International SOS Assistance App (iOS & Android)



Long-term volunteers who are from the United States and serving in the United States are covered by Task Force insurance through Adventist Risk Management. Our office ensures that this has been purchased for you.

For accidents, illnesses, claims, or verifying eligibility: Adventist Risk Management Customer Care & Operations
    12501 Old Columbia Pike
    Silver Spring, MD 20904
    United States
Policy Information
  • Insurance Type: Task Force Insurance
  • Insurance Provider: AIG
  • Assistance Provider: Travel Assist
  • Policy Number: SRG 0009139774-A
In the event of an emergency evacuation or travel assistance need, volunteers with Task Force insurance should call:
  • 877-281-2355 - U.S. or Canada
  • 01-715-295-9978 - Anywhere else, call collect
Claim forms & more information